February 23rd, 2011

Using a Wii Balance Board with a wall wart

This tutorial describes how to add a 5 volt power supply to your Wii Balance Board. To some this might seem like blasphemy. Adding a wired connection to a wireless device, who would do such a ridiculous thing? Well, we did, and we thought some others may want to do just the same. The real benefit of this modification is to no longer have to replace or recharge your batteries. A beautiful, virtually endless flow of electricity for all your fitness needs. You may also use the modified unit with the original battery configuration if you choose not to use the wall wart at any point. No changes needed. Just unplug it from the wall and re-sync (or pull the power jack quickly and it should switch over to the batteries seamlessly).

Perfect for an installation or kiosk that uses a Wii balance board.

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