November 30th, 2010

ShiftBrite Strips available on BatchPCB

ShiftBrite Strip

We recently placed a listing for our ShiftBrite Strips into the BatchPCB marketplace. If you’re not familiar, take the time to read up on our description of these really handy circuit boards.

Head on over and place an order!
You can purchase ShiftBrite LEDs from Macetech.

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November 9th, 2010

ShiftBrite Strips

We love LEDs, and apparently so do most of our clients. While there are quite a few professional lighting solutions available, they’re cost and lack of transparency have often turned us off. We don’t always wish to have a computer act as the main controller of the lights, and more times than none we want to build in some form of interaction. So, on our quest for a lighting solution that addresses all our needs, we stumbled upon these great LED units called ShiftBrites from Macetech. Each unit contains a RGB LED and an Allegro A6281 LED controller. You communicate with it using four-wire SPI and you can daisy chain the LEDs to create long strings for scalability. In short, these things rule.

Shiftbrite LED

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